Greiner Perfoam develops and produces functional trim parts for vehicle interiors and trunks, as well as customized acoustic components for passenger and engine compartments specifically for premium automobile manufacturers. Thermo-pressed PP fleeces, polyurethane foams, fiberglass, natural fibers, and new as well as recycled foams are used in various material structures.
As well as manufacturing these parts, we also design and develop innovative solutions for parcel shelves, loading space covers, acoustic insulation, and loading space flooring.
Our strengths lie in our innovative ideas for design, function, materials, and material combinations. Our technical center is able to quickly produce prototypes, samples, and models.

Greiner AG

Greiner was founded in 1868 in Germany and 1899 in Austria, and since then has been entirely in family ownership. The diversification of products and markets is one of the group’s assets and provides the basis for continuous growth.
The Greiner AG comprises four operating divisions: NEVEON (formerly Greiner Foam), Greiner Packaging , Greiner Bio-One Greiner Extrusion. Together, the divisions operate more than 130 locations (production and sales sites) around the world.


Greiner Perfoam GmbH Enns

Mainstrasse 1
4470 Enns

T: +43 7223 9010-0
F: +43 7223 9010-99
e-mail: [email protected]

Greiner Perfoam GmbH Linz

Eduard-Sueß-Strasse 25
4020 Linz

T: +43 7223 9010-35196

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Greiner Perfoam s.r.o. Tabor

Vozická 601
39002 Tábor

T: +420 381 406 700
F: +420 381 406 707
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Greiner Perfoam GmbH Wangen

Robert-Bosch-Strasse 13
73117 Wangen

T: +49 7161 207-0
F: +49 7161 207-35413
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SA Greiner Perfoam Automotive Components S. de R.L. de CV

Av. Amistad 101 A
Parque Industrial Amistad Bajío
Apaseo El Grande, Gto.
C.P. 38180


In order to be successful on the market, we recognize our customers’ needs and ensure that the skills of our engineers are focused on the development of innovative products and production technologies. For years we have been a reliable partner to our customers thanks to our high-quality products combined with our high standards and service. Among our customers are leading automobile manufacturers in the premium segment.

Worldwide successful – worldwide linked

Due to the growth of the OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in China, partnerships were founded in 2016 to enable further expansion in Asia.

The strategic focus lies in interior on parcel shelves and trunk floors and in acoustics on the products PERcap® and PERlight®.

Joint Venture China

In China the CAIP Group is a strong partner for the Asian area. CAIP is with more than 1500 employees one of the fastest growing private automotive suppliers in China. The Joint Venture “Greiner Automotive Components” was founded in 2016 and has locations in Tianjin and Shenyang.