Greiner Perfoam Develops Ultra-Light Parcel Shelf

As a tier-1 supplier within the premium automobile industry, Greiner Perfoam has developed a parcel shelf that promises significant weight savings at virtually no extra cost. The first of these offers a weight reduction of 30% for just a 5% increase in outlay, while the second boasts a 41% reduction for just 15% more. Based in Enns, Austria, Greiner Perfoam is one of the leading manufacturers of interior parts and acoustic components for the premium vehicle industry. Its products include parcel shelves, loading space flooring, loading space covers, absorbers, and encapsulations. With 750 employees across five sites in Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, and China, the company generated revenue in 2014 of EUR 106 million. Around 50% of this revenue is generated by parcel shelves.

Greiner Perfoam GmbH – fast, fit and functional for automotive

Greiner Perfoam is an innovative company and tier-1 supplier for the premium automobile industry, boasting a number of national and international locations where quality and flexibility are paramount. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of functional trim parts for vehicle interiors and trunks, as well as customized acoustic components for passenger and engine compartments. As an independent subsidiary of Greiner Holding AG, its partners can enjoy the services of a dynamic and forward-looking organization that remains safely anchored in the security and synergies of a major international corporation.



750 employees at five locations produce, deliver, and develop high-quality products and make luxury cars more attractive, quieter, and more efficient. When it comes to producing lightweight and highly durable parts without compromising on design, Greiner Perfoam knows exactly how it’s done. Thermoplastic fiber mats (polypropylene), polyurethane foams, fiberglass, natural fibers, and new as well as recycled foams are used in various material structures.


Product portfolio

  • Permanent parcel/rear shelves
  • Self-supporting parcel shelves
  • Loading space covers
  • Convertible top compartments
  • Trunk loading space flooring
  • High-expansion foam absorbers
  • Engine/gearbox encapsulation
  • Absorbers made of secondary raw materials

What we stand for

Greiner Perfoam stands for innovation, speed, and specialization. Our dedicated, highly trained employees deliver ideal solutions for a whole host of functions, with a firm focus on our customers in the automobile industry.


E FFECTIVE development partner and technological pioneer

R ECOGNIZED INDUSTRY-WIDE for innovative strength and expert solutions

F OREMOST in the field, thanks to our ambition and specialization

O PEN to new ideas, flexible, and fast

A TTRACTIVE for employees and business partners

M OTIVATED – enthusiastic – forward-looking


Facts 2014

Revenue EUR 98 million


Employees 750



CEO Martin Etzlstorfer has identified three trends that will keep driving Greiner Perfoam forward for years to come: “Key areas of focus for us include weight reduction in cars, acoustic, thermal insulation and internationalization, Due to the growth of the OEM’s in the NAFTA region we startet co-operations in these countries in the year of 2015. This will enable us further expansion.”



  • Enns, Austria (headquarters, development)
  • Linz, Austria
  • Wangen, Germany
  • Neukirchen, Germany
  • Tabor, Czech Republic


Greiner Holding

The Greiner Group is one of the leading companies in the plastic and foam industry. Its success is characterized by diversification, innovation, and internationalization. Greiner is active in the automotive and packaging industries, in the medical technology and life-science sectors, as well as in profile extrusion. Founded in 1868 in Germany and 1899 in Austria, this 100% family-owned Group combines the expertise of a networked organization with the high levels of innovation and flexibility of legally autonomous business units.

Greiner Perfoam is part of the GFI, the Greiner Foam International, which is a leading producer of special foams.

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