Quality & Environment

Our customers demand “Zero Defects” quality from our products. To meet these expectations it is not enough to only employ fault-finding measures. It is our objective to always be one step ahead of the defect, not to have to find it but rather to avoid it. This is not an easy task but a challenge that not only our quality team but also our employees from the General Manager to all the people in each of our plants have to confront.

We can only set ourselves apart from our competitors by way of a much more comprehensive quality performance, namely quality of service which we provide in the context of product sales. Professional, friendly contact persons, a high rate of deadlines met and customer support even in the case of difficult requirements are what are needed here.

Our suppliers are our partners. We select them very carefully. The quality and sustainability of their products and services are measured against the same benchmark as ours are. As partners we support them with our product and organization know-how.

Environmental protection and natural resources is an important concern for us. That is why we attempt to prevent environmental harm or to reduce it to a minimum and continually improve our processes not only in production but also with regard to health, safety, energy consumption and environmental aspects. To this means regular analyses are carried out, processes evaluated, documented and potential for improvement sought and found.

Management provides the necessary resources and information to achieve business objectives.

Company policy which is stakeholder- (customers, owners, employees, suppliers and society in general) oriented and the code of practice of Greiner Holding AG define company values which are based on fairness and correctness. They are to be consistently kept in mind when carrying out the tasks determined by the organization. In the definition of and development of process organization and organizational structure as well as management documents these values are also taken into account in full.



Greiner Perfoam’s quality management system was certified to ISO 9001 back in 1996. In addition, we are certified to ISO TS 16949 at our Enns, Linz, Wangen, and Tabor locations. 

We have also been validated to ISO 14001 since 2012.


From the outset, the testing of materials and components forms the basis of the development of new components and technologies. Parts are put through regular tests, even in series production. The tests are performed on-site, in our own testing lab, by highly qualified employees. Fast reports detailing requirements and quality enable work to be done at Greiner Perfoam with the following modern instruments:

  • 3D measuring machine
  • fire room
  • climatic chamber
  • tensile testing machine
  • various instruments to measure sound absorption